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Summer University 'Entrepreneurship in Asia' Thailand 2015


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Prof. Erkko Autio

Erkko Autio

Professor Erkko Autio (Imperial College) is Chair in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship and Director of the Doctoral Programme at Imperial College London Business School. At the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, he directs the Diffusion of Innovation theme and is Co-Investigator in the Digital City Exchange project and in the UK Enterprise Research Centre. He is also a member of the Senate of Imperial College and serves in the Research Committee of ICBS. He is an editorial advisory board member of many leading management and entrepreneurship journals, including the Academy of Management Journal; Journal of International Business Studies; Journal of Business Venturing; and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.



Dr. Koson Sapprasert

 Dr. Koson Sapprasert


Dr Koson Sapprasert (Bangkok University) is Director of Research at BUSEM and coordinates The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Project in Thailand. He has been a major contributor to the DIME network (Dynamics of Institution and Markets in Europe) and Co-organizer of the IPP project (which led to the book Innovation, Path Dependency and Policy: the case of Norway, 2009, Oxford University Press).




Prof. Susan Marlow

Susan Marlow


Prof. Susan Marlow (University of Nottingham) is a leading expert in the field of female entrepreneurship. As the Alternate President of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) and Editor of the International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) she is well positioned to advice participants on issues of career progression and publication strategies. In 2011 she was recognised for her work by a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion.




Ulrike Guelich

Ulrike Guelich


Ulrike Guelich is the leading researcher of The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Project in Thailand. With twenty-five years of business experience as a female entrepreneur she embodies a viaduct between theory and practice. She was founding owner of a handicraft business in Germany; lead a family-run manufacturing business in the 4th generation and was head of an IT start-up as supplier to the automotive industry. She is the brains behind the theme of this conference and has spend much of the past three years researching and promoting female entrepreneurship in Thailand.


Dr. David Achtzehn

Dr. David Achtzehn

Dr. David Achtzehn is a lecturer in entrepreneurship at Bangkok University. He will be responsible for much of the conference’s organisation. Having lived in the UK (twelve years) and Thailand, he himself acts as a bridge between the two countries and will help participants to build long-term research networks. In contrast to Dr. Sapprasert, Prof. Autio and Mrs. Guelich his research relies predominantly on qualitative methodologies and he will be a valuable mentor to early career researchers who would like to follow a similar path. For any questions regarding the organisation of the conference please email Dr. Achtzehn at david.a@bu.ac.th.





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