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GEM Research Publications

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Thailand Research Reports

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2013 GEM Thailand Report

Summary:  The GEM Team at Bangkok University School of Entrepreneurship and Management (BUSEM) have published the to date most comprehensive third GEM report - this time covering 2013.  A specialty is the presentation of YOY, the development year-on-year 2011, 2012 and 2013. New is the comparison of entrepreneurial aspirations and activities in ASEAN 6  (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and 4 East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan). Including “wellbeing” as the year’s special topic - and much more. (Download)


2012 GEM Thailand Report

GEM Thailand Report 2012

Summary:  The team at Bangkok University School of Entrepreneurship and Management (BUSEM) have finalized and published the second GEM report - this time covering 2012. The profile of the report focuses on local entrepreneurship topics, in terms of constraints as well as recommendation factors facing entrepreneurs in Thailand - and much more. (Download)


2011 GEM Thailand Report

GEM Thailand Report 2011

Summary: The first GEM report published by the team at Bangkok University focuses on the profile of the Thai entrepreneur. The most noticeable features were a higher than average TEA rate of the Thai female, and a higher participation of females than males in business startups and in operating new businesses. (Download)





Global Resarch Reports

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2013 GEM Global Report

2013 GEM Global Report

Summary: Entrepreneurs are among the happiest individuals across the globe when it comes to individual well-being and satisfaction with their work conditions according to the GEM 2013 Global Report. The report, launched on 20th January 2014 in Santiago, Chile, marks fifteen years of GEM research. (Download)


2012 GEM Women's Report

2012 GEM Women's Report

Summary: More than 126 million women entrepreneurs were starting or running new businesses in 67 economies in 2012, according to the GEM 2012 Women's Report, the most comprehensive research ever conducted about the entrepreneurial activity of women across the globe. (Download)


2012 GEM Global Report

2012 GEM Global Report

Summary: The GEM 2012 Global Report estimates that nearly half of the world’s entrepreneurs are between the ages of 25 and 44. The survey also reports that, in all geographic regions surveyed, 25-34 year olds showed the highest rates of entrepreneurial activity. (Download)



Other Publications

Forbes Thailand May 2015

Hans Michael Guelich in Forbes (Thailand) May 2015


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forbes thailand january 2015

Ulrike Guelich in Forbes (Thailand) January 2015

A History of Culture and Equality – Female Entrepreneurship in Thailand: 
According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM, 126 million women worldwide are operating new businesses and another 98 million do so at the helm of established businesses. Yet –from a global perspective – we face a huge gender equality gap. Some countries like Pakistan have a nearly non-existent female entrepreneurship rate; and on the opposite side there are currently only six economies where men and women start and run businesses in an equal ratio, Thailand being one of them.

(Article in English)

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Ulrike Guelich in Thai-Norwegian Business Review (Thailand)
December 2014

Are Thai Female Entrepreneurs ready for the AEC? As women make up a disproportionately large share of small business operators in Thailand, whether female entrepreneur are prepared for the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in late 2015 can serve as a barometer for much of the country. 

(Article in English)

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Forbes Thailand

Dr. David Achtzehn in Forbes (Thailand) October 2014

The fear of failure is commonly believed to be the biggest constrain holding back want-to-be entrepreneurs. This article presents new data from GEM Thailand which suggests that Thais are resilient to this fear of failure.

(Article in English)

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Live Radio 89.5 Mhz Phuket

Phuket News


Ms. Ulrike Guelich In The Studio with Jason Wilder at live@89.5 MHz

Published on 23 Sep 2013
Ulrike Guelich, Lecturer and Researcher at the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, Bangkok University was in the studio to talk about women entrepreneurs in Thailand and about her speech at The International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP).
Listen to the interview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtfFCeJOOs8






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